Mr. & Ms Symbi Fit


With the aim to foster a wellness mindset in the Minds & Hearts of today’s youth Mr. & Ms. Symbi Fit was introduced in the year 2013-14 with an objective to:

  • Provide a wholesome environment and fitness medium for students.

  • To stress the importance of fitness and wellness as a means of motivation to excellence and not as an end in itself.

  • The contest is open to all the bonafide students of colleges & institutes who are recognized by the University Grant Commission and comes under the ambit of a recognized University.

  • This event is rain or shine. So put on your sweats and shoes, together.

  • This mega event will start from 6th of Jan 2015 with the finale on 16th of Jan 2015.

Biggest Looser

Students take the challenge to reduce their fat percentage in a four week plan, biggest looser is awarded by Symbiosis.


Trekking is a big motivation for any group of students, which not only gives physical challenge, but also helps to work in a group for better coordination.The interested students enroll for the adventure activities at respective RWC Centres to explore the natural beauty around Pune. The activities are again learning beyond classroom.

Max Suryanamaskar

Challenge to perform maximum number of non-stop Suryanamaskar’s till fatigue.

 invitation for Symbifit 2017-18 for student

 invitation for Symbifit 2017-18 for Staff

Arm Wrestling

A fun old school challenge for students where they can showcase their power.

International Women’s Day

RWC organizes special feminine fitness activities for all the working women of Symbiosis Family as healthy women leads a healthy family.

Out Bound Activity

Team building activities; teach essential collaborative skills while helping Employees develop trust in each other and each other's abilities. Better communication, higher levels of cooperation, and improved morale identify particular skills Improve Productivity. As employees learn to work together more effectively, they are able to do their work more efficiently in Less time

RWC organizes outbound and team building activities for the students and staff of Symbiosis with a view to emphasize on developing leadership and team building through well designed program by the experts.