From the Desk of Director SCHC

Dear Symbian,

Healthy Greetings & Welcome to Symbiosis Centre of Health Care.

We are contented to offer preventive, promotive and curative healthcare services for disease prevention, health maintenance, & promotion of wellness through health education at Symbiosis Centre of Health Care.

We connect, collaborate and create movement, policies, and practices as an integral part of our commitment to students’ health.

A student’s academic experience and success is intimately associated with their overall health and wellness. We support them when they are sick, educate them on healthy lifestyle choices, and protect them through health education, health check-up, vaccination and accessibility to curative healthcare & thereby encourages healthy behaviors and choices.

The benefit of receiving health care on campus is convenient & costs for services, procedures, tests and medications are reasonable. Every student & staff at Symbiosis is covered under unique group medical insurance scheme of National Insurance Company (NIC).

Feel free to contact Campus Medical Officer for any health concerns you may have. Safeguarding your health is of primary importance for Team SCHC

Good luck in your academic pursuits and always remember that we are here for your healthiest experience at Symbiosis.

Best Regards,

Dr. Alaka Chandak

Director, Symbiosis Centre of Health Care